About PT Naga Air Mas

PT. Naga Air Mas (NAM) is an Indonesia leading security system company that provides high-level integrated Government, Business and Residential security solutions specialize in CCTV system and access control. PT. NAM has extensive experience and expertise in the design and implementation of security management systems in large and complex environments as well as residential.

CCTV and access control in present days have already become a critical and substantial need for business, organization, government and residential as well. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention and detection. It is also a great tool to manage public liability and employee productivity.

PT. NAM designs high-level security that can be individually tailored to meet your business, organization, government, home, or organization’s specific needs and budget. As a sole distributor of TIANDY CCTV, our product and system are internationally certified that proved our cutting edge technology, top high quality, and reliable CCTV system.

PT. NAM thieves on the challenge to continually research & develop CCTV security solutions in order to serve our customer needs at the best. Our extensive success story is your assurance of quality.

PT. NAM is your trusted partner in a security solution.

Men Behind

The very existence of PT. NAM was a result of collective effort and excellence experience by its two founders, Mr Tinggo Subandi and Mr Handoyo Tjandera. Both are professionals with in-depth background and reliable experience in the export and import industry for the past decade.

These Founders were triggered and felt uncontainable discontentment about the security system market in Indonesia, which has always been dominated by the analog system for years while other countries around the globe have already shifted into using more reliable and high-technology IP Camera. As the rate of crime possibility is constantly increasing in Indonesia, these two men intended to bring extra security and protection to Indonesia, through PT. NAM, and provide only the best and internationally certified products.


Bringing a high-level security service and providing satisfying customer experience by distributing a world-class security system in Indonesia, while at the same time contributing to the enhancement of national market growth through developing a sustainable business.


Delivering a fast-response and reliable service, handled by a team of experts and professionals to consistently providing trustworthy commodity through our service and products.


Trustworthy & Reliable

We value and appreciate the trust that you give to us in protecting your valuable assets. Therefore, we are committed to giving you reliable outcomes.

Excellent Service

Pleasing and satisfying customer experience is our priority. Therefore, we always make sure that any requirement or request will be handled directly. Beyond that, we also give after-sales experience, which is a two-year guarantee for any damage to your purchased product.

High Quality

The product we distribute is an internationally certified product that always comes with the latest innovation, making sure that your asset is forever secured.

Friendly Partnership

We see our customers as partners, from the corporate giants to personal housing. Hence, we use a friendly approach to build a long lasting relationship with each customer.


Our team includes experienced professionals and experts who are ready every day to handle your requests and assist the first installation of your purchased security system.


We have worked with numerous clients all around Indonesia, providing them with Tiandy security system, known for 20 years and used in 50 countries globally


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